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Collagen For Her

Our Mission Is Simple:

To Help Women Live Their Healthiest and Happiest Lives by Feeling Confident in Their Own Skin

A Message From Our Co-Founder

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Hi! I'm Kaitlyn, Co-Founder of Collagen For Her! 

In January 2017, after living and working in Washington, DC for four years, I decided that I needed to make a change and experience something new. I left for an open-ended trip around the world with nothing but a backpack and spent the next seven months experiencing the cultures of 18 different countries. Throughout my time traveling, I found it so hard to get the proper nutrition. Before leaving on my trip, I was very active and ate a healthy diet so when those foods were no longer available to me, my body had a very hard time adjusting. When I got back to the United States, I was out of shape, my skin was a mess, and I just didn’t feel good about myself. I felt like I was starting from scratch, but was determined to feel good about myself again. 

I was a member of many fitness communities on Instagram and one theme I constantly saw was women not knowing what type of supplements were right for them. Many women were either scared to take supplements because they didn’t want to be bulky or they had tried different types and didn’t like the taste or texture. I realized there was a negative stigma surrounding supplements and no one was communicating directly with women about the benefits or why they are important. This is when it all came together for me, so I decided to move to San Diego and Collagen For Her was born!

My Collagen Story 

Want to know more about my personal experience with collagen? 

I started taking collagen for a specific reason and this is what I found as a result! 

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