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Collagen For Her

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies but as we get older (starting around age 25), our bodies naturally start making less each year. 70% of the protein in our skin is collagen; 90% of the protein in our bone mass and connective tissue is collagen. This is why collagen is often referred to as “the glue that holds the body together” because without collagen our bodies wouldn’t be able to perform a lot of its essential functions. Since our skin, bones, joints, and tendons are all made up of collagen, when our bodies start to make less of it, we experience signs of aging such as wrinkles, joint pain, arthritis, and poor digestion.*

Unfortunately, supplementing our bodies with collagen is not easy. One of the only ways to add collagen to our diet is to eat an abundant amount of animal protein including the connective tissue where the collagen rich proteins are most prominent. In today’s average diet, this is something that most people wouldn’t feel comfortable with or have access to. By adding a collagen supplement to your diet, you can help replenish the collagen that your body is naturally losing as you get older.*

So What Makes Collagen So Great?

Collagen is made up of 18 different amino acids, 8 essential amino acids and 10 non-essential amino acids. An essential amino acid cannot be made by the body and must be obtained by various dietary sources such as food and supplements. Collagen contains the 8 essential amino acids histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and valine. Among the most popular types of amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are more famously known as branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs. * 

The 10 other amino acids in collagen are not considered “essential”, but that only means that our body has somewhat of an ability to synthesize them, however, they are still very important to our overall health and we need to make sure we are getting enough of them! Glycine and Proline, for example, are two of the most abundant and prominent amino acids found in collagen and help regenerate cell growth that tends to diminish as you enter your mid 20’s. While Arginine, Hydroxylysine, and Hydroxyproline help regulate protein metabolism, promote skin, joint, and tendon health, and play a major role in bone and connective tissue.*

What To Look For In a Collagen Supplement 

There are a ton of different collagen products on the market and it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out which are best for you. Here are a few things you should look for when trying to decide which collagen supplement to use. 

1. Ingredients You Can Recognize and Pronounce

Collagen is a single ingredient protein, so a collagen product shouldn't be that complicated! Make sure when you read the nutrition label, you know what all the ingredients are and that they add value to your overall health.

2. Quality 

We have tried a lot of different collagen products and they are not all created equal. Collagen comes from animals, so make sure you know where your products are coming from. Sourcing is extremely important and all collagen products should be tested to ensure they are safe for consumption.

3. Does The Product Actually Contain Collagen?

It seems obvious but checking your nutritional labels to make sure products labeled as "collagen" actually contain collagen! It sounds crazy but there are a lot of products out there marketed as collagen products that don't even contain collagen. These products won't have the same impact as a pure collagen supplement.

4. Trust 

We realized that most supplement brands making products for women were actually owned and operated by men! Would you trust a man's opinion on the best tampon or foundation? Probably not. So why were they the ones making women's supplements? We couldn't come up with an answer so we took matters into our own hands! When you decide on a collagen supplement, make sure you trust the brand you are buying from!

What Makes Collagen For Her Different?


When we say dissolves instantly, we mean instantly. Our collagen peptides are finely ground into the purest form of collagen powder you can find, which means it dissolves right before your eyes. If you have to stir, you need better collagen. If your coffee has white chunks, you need better collagen. If getting your collagen to dissolve is more of an arm workout than your actual arm workout, you guessed it. You need better collagen. 

Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out the video here and see for yourself what we are talking about!


Collagen so good, you can't even taste it.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: If your collagen has a taste, you are buying the wrong collagen! When we say flavorless and tasteless, we mean flavorless and tasteless. Put it in just about anything and you won’t even know it’s there! No grittiness, no smell, no change in texture. Lets just say, if your collagen smells so bad that you have to hold your nose to drink it, gross. But also, you need better collagen.


Our collagen peptides are responsibly sourced from grass fed, pasture raised bovine in South America. Every batch comes with a certificate of analysis to ensure its purity and that it is safe for consumption. We take sourcing very seriously and you should too! We are women. Our bodies can make humans. You should know what you are putting into your body. You should feel good about what you are putting in your body. You should trust the products you are putting in your body. So trust us, because we’re women and we know it makes a difference!


Why are we still buying women's products made by men?

We thought the same thing and that is why we created Collagen For Her. Supplements were already confusing enough, so we created a line of products that women can immediately resonate with and know that they are "For Her".We created simple, easy to understand, clean, and responsibly source products and ingredients that women can trust. Being a woman is hard enough, taking supplements shouldn't be. 

How Do You Take Your Collagen?

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