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Collagen For Her

Our Story

For many years, I was a member of various online fitness communities for women and one theme I constantly saw was women not knowing what type of supplements were right for them. Many women were apprehensive to take supplements because they didn’t want to gain weight or bulk up, or they had tried different types and didn’t like the taste or texture. I was among these women and when I searched Amazon or local stores for protein supplements, I quickly became overwhelmed with all the choices, confused about what was actually in these products, and wishing there was something out there that explicitly called out it was for women so I didn’t have to spend hours doing research myself.

I also noticed that the conversation around supplements quickly took a turn towards women talking about the best meal replacement shakes or diet pills and I realized that when it came to women’s supplements there was way too much snake oil out there. The products “made for women” were all products that provided quick fixes, false promises, and on top of that, were potentially harmful to our bodies due to the number of foreign and unpronounceable ingredients. If a product promises to erase your appetite and help you drop 10 pounds in a week, is that really something we want to be putting into our bodies?

Once I realized there was a negative stigma surrounding supplements and no one was communicating directly with women about the benefits or why they are important, I knew I wanted to start a company for women that had a foundation of transparency, quality, and recognizable ingredients. Collagen played such a big role in my health and I knew I wanted it to be the focus of this new women’s company and from there, Collagen For Her was born! Learn more below about how Collagen For Her helped me!