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How to Get The Best Results from Collagen in 2023

How to Get The Best Results from Collagen in 2023

One of the top questions we get asked about Collagen For Her is “How long until I see results?” or “How do I know if it is working?”. On the flip side, when we get feedback about why people stop taking Collagen For Her the answer is usually “I didn’t see much change”. 

99% of the time someone tells us they “didn’t see much change” they have only ever ordered one time. Most people will not see a change after taking collagen for one month! 

Other times, we get the same “I didn’t see much change” comment and the person has only ordered once it was a few months ago (meaning they took a scoop of collagen every couple days and expected to see results). Most people will not see a change if they take collagen sporadically. 

What?! I thought collagen was the answer to glowing skin? I thought collagen was supposed to make your hair grow? I thought the joint pain I’ve been experiencing for years was supposed to go away? I thought my digestion was supposed to improve because I’ve been putting a scoop of this in my coffee every morning? 

Well, yes all of these things can happen if you take collagen consistently! But to put this into perspective, let's replace “collagen” with an overall health initiative like working out or eating healthy. 

I’ve worked out everyday for a month and I don’t have a six pack yet, I thought working out was supposed to help me get in shape? I’ve eaten a salad every day for lunch for a month but I haven’t reached my goal weight yet, I thought eating healthy was the way to lose weight? I’ve been taking my multivitamin every morning but I don’t feel healthier, I thought vitamins were good for you? 

Sounds silly, right? 

The most important  thing when it comes to collagen or any other health initiative is consistency. 

As a general rule of thumb, you need to commit to taking collagen for at least 2-3 months to start seeing any positive changes, but it is impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer because every person is different. Do some people see changes before the three month mark? Sure! On the other hand, we have heard from many different women who took collagen for a month, stopped because they didn’t think it was helping, and then noticed after they stopped taking it that their nails became brittle or their joints starting hurting again. Some people don’t think collagen is doing anything until after they stop taking it, so just because you might not notice a change, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening! 

Collagen can have so many amazing benefits but in order to see those benefits come to fruition, it needs to be taken consistently. You can read all about the positive changes so many women have experienced from taking Collagen For Her under the review section of each product here. If you worked out for a few weeks and didn't see much of a change, would you stop working out? No! You would keep going because you know change takes time. Taking any type of supplement is no different than eating healthy or working out.

Sticking to a routine can be hard no matter what it is. This is why so many people stop and start again when it comes to working out, eating healthy, meditating, journaling, or any other behavior change that you are looking to incorporate to achieve a healthier mind and body. Consistency can be challenging because sometimes we forget to take it or we go out of town for the weekend and never start back up again when we get back. We get it! 

This is why we launch our New Year Bundles every January! This is by far one of our most popular sales of the year. We bundle together 60-90 day supplies of our best selling Collagen For Her products and mark them down up to 33%. This not only helps save some money but also commit to taking collagen consistently. 

Our 2023 New Year Bundles have so much to choose from! We have two packs of our Unflavored Collagen Peptides and Marine Collagen Beauty Blend. Three packs of our Multi-Collagen Capsules and Marine Collagen Beauty Gummies are buy 2, get 1 free (aka a 90 day supply with one month free!). And so much more!

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