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Collagen For Her

Recipe: Collagen Matcha Protein Balls!

Recipe: Collagen Matcha Protein Balls!

Matcha is one of our favorite superfood ingredients! Most days of the week you can catch us sipping our collagen matcha lattes first thing in the morning, but there are so many other great ways to use our organic matcha collagen! Example A: These easy and protein packed matcha protein balls! Here’s how to make them. 



  1. Blend all ingredients in a food processor, roll into 1" balls, and enjoy! 
We love these matcha protein balls because they contain collagen, healthy fats, and matcha to give you an energizing snack packed with protein and antioxidants! Make them in the beginning of the week to eat anytime you need a pick-me-up. Running low on matcha collagen? Grab it here!

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