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Collagen For Her

A Crash Course on the Collagen For Her Difference

A Crash Course on the Collagen For Her Difference

We know there are a lot of different collagen products out there, so what makes Collagen For Her different? We’re so glad you asked! 

Why We Started Collagen For Her 

For years, I was a part of multiple different fitness communities of women and everyone was constantly asking each other what type of supplements they were taking. No one ever had a good answer on why they used the products they did and there was always a lot of confusion around the topic. In the back of my mind, I always thought “I wish someone would just create a brand for women and put a pink label on it so we could all take that and not have to worry about it”. 

Years later, when we had the idea to start a collagen company, we decided to create it ourselves. We wanted to make sure women could immediately identify that it was for them to help take away some of the confusion and intimidation that comes with trying to decide what supplements to take. That is ultimately why we decided to call it “Collagen For Her”.

Around this time, one of my friends told me that she takes whatever I take because she knows I do my research and am super careful about what I put into my body. My goal has always been to make Collagen For Her a brand that everyone feels that way about. No matter what product you are buying from us, I want you to feel comfortable that we have done our research and are putting out only the best quality products for you. 

Which brings us to…

The Product!

Having a brand that women can feel good about buying from is all well and good but we also needed to make sure we were putting out the best quality products to back it up. We take sourcing very seriously. We have tried dozens of different collagen products to make sure we source the absolute best product out there and not to toot my own horn, but I believe we’ve accomplished that! ;) So, what makes our products better? 

1. Dissolvability

The one thing that was extremely noticeable when testing different collagen products was how well they dissolve. There are so many products out there that clump up and we’d have white chunks floating in our coffee that wouldn’t go away (gross). Most of the time when a product would clump or sit on top of the liquid, it would also have a very potent smell (gross x2). I can’t tell you the amount of times I lost my appetite first thing in the morning due to a collagen I was testing out. We wanted a product that would melt into a drink, not ruin it, which is why I am so happy every time we get a product review raving about how well it dissolves. It truly is better than any other collagen I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot of collagens). 

2. Taste 

You guessed it. Some of those products that would clump and smell weird also came along with a rather unpleasant flavor. When we say our collagen is flavorless, we really mean flavorless. This is why our collagen powders have no grittiness, no smell, and won’t change the texture of whatever you put it in.

3. Trust & Transparency  

A lot of times, us women are apprehensive about taking supplements (and we should be!) because we don’t know what’s in them. All of our products are made with clean, simple, and pronounceable ingredients, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body. On top of that, all of our products are third party tested to ensure they are safe for consumption. 

4. Simplicity 

Like I said earlier, we created Collagen For Her to help women take the guesswork out of buying collagen supplements so the last thing we wanted to do was overwhelm our customers with a million different choices. We intentionally keep our product offerings limited, simple, and easy to understand. We are working on two new products that will come out this year though that are *chef’s kiss* - so good! 

5. Woman-Owned

Another thing I quickly realized when starting Collagen For Her was that most dietary supplements “made for women” are quick fixes, fat burners, and diet pills that are made by companies run by men. I wanted to make sure all the women using our products knew there was another woman behind the curtain doing the work to make sure we knew what we were putting into our bodies.

So there you have it! We know there are a lot of different companies you can buy collagen from and we truly can’t tell you how much it means to us that you choose to support us! 

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