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Can Collagen Really Help Improve Joint Pain?

Can Collagen Really Help Improve Joint Pain?

Collagen supplements get the most attention for their *glamorous* beauty benefits but collagen is actually super beneficial for our joint and bone health as well. Here’s why! 

Did you know that 90% of bone mass is made up of collagen? When there is a lack of collagen in the body, health issues such as joint pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis can occur, so it makes sense that one benefit of collagen that we are constantly hearing positive feedback on is joint pain, arthritis, and all those other aches and pains that tend to start popping up the older we get. What about collagen makes it so beneficial for our joints? Its amino acid profile!

Collagen and Amino Acids
The reason collagen has so many benefits is because of its unique amino acid profile. Collagen For Her contains 18 different amino acids that all have different functions and benefits for the body. If you are curious about amino acids, you can read more about them here! Here are few particular amino acids in Collagen For Her that help with joint and bone health: 

  • Histidine: One of the main benefits of histidine is its support on joint function, repair, and regeneration. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties help ease joint pain and stiffness. Histidine is a precursor to histamine production, which plays an important role in the transportation of oxygen between cells.
  • Isoleucine: This amino acid is best known for its ability to help heal and repair muscle tissue after strenuous activity, which is especially important for athletes, bodybuilders, and workout enthusiasts.
  • Valine: Valine plays an important role in promoting normal growth, repairing tissues, regulating blood sugar, and providing the body with energy. It prevents the breakdown of muscle by providing extra glucose for energy!
  • Leucine: Leucine has an unmatched ability to facilitate muscle protein synthesis and maintain muscle mass. As an added bonus, it also can help control weight and cholesterol levels!

There are also a few non-essential amino acids that deserve honorable mention when talking about joint health. Arginine, Hydroxylysine, and Hydroxyproline are three non-essential amino acids that promote joint and tendon health, and play a major role in bone and connective tissue. While these amino acids are not considered “essential”, we must remember that this only means that our body has somewhat of an ability to synthesize them, however, they are still very important to our overall health and we need to make sure we are getting enough of them!

How Long Until I Know It's "Working"?
It is important to remember that collagen isn’t a diet product or a quick fix. Collagen is an all-natural supplement that should be used in order to increase overall health by replenishing collagen levels in your body that naturally decrease overtime. Joint and bone health is just one of the benefits of taking a daily collagen supplement. Just like eating healthy or exercising, you need to take collagen consistently for a minimum of 60 days (or longer) before you can expect to see any changes. Every person is so different so unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer but the key is consistent use overtime to see any benefits. Learn more about how long it takes to see results here.

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