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September 2020 Amazon Finds!

September 2020 Amazon Finds!

The other night I found myself reading 1,000+ comments in a Facebook group about everyone’s favorite Amazon finds. Like many other people, I can’t help myself from ordering a cute new cardigan or a random tumbler that I probably don’t need but most certainly want off Amazon. It’s just too easy! 

There are so many great Amazon finds out there, so I figured why not share a few of my favorite September Amazon finds. Here are a few things I’ve ordered this month that I am obsessed with! 

  1. CRZ Yoga Leggings: I’ve seen these all over Instagram as the Lululemon align dupes and since I have never been able to bring myself to spend $100+ on one pair of leggings (maybe one day), I decided to try them out. Long story short, I now have three pairs of the black and just scooped up their new leopard print! They did not disappoint and are now my go-to leggings for everyday and working out! 10/10 would recommend!

  2. Hand Vacuum: I’ve been disputing buying a hand vacuum for months but the reviews are always so hit or miss. I came across this hand vacuum and I loved that it was compact plus had decent reviews. It’s so cute and tiny and perfect for picking up dust or dirt around the house or even for cleaning out your car!

  3. Apple Watch Screen Protectors: I might be the last person on the planet to hop on the Apple Watch train but I finally did it! The only issue was that I was so scared wearing it because I didn’t want to scratch the screen. I was worried that a screen protector would be bulky or look weird on such a small screen but these are perfect! You can’t even notice there is a cover on the screen at all.

  4. Leopard Cardigan: Fall is my favorite season and I can’t help myself but to buy all the cozy sweaters! This leopard print cardigan is super soft and cute for fall! I went with the color Khaki. 

Do you like reading about my favorite Amazon finds? Let me know and I’ll continue to share :) 



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