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Three Ways To Make Your Favorite Seasonal Drinks Healthier!

Three Ways To Make Your Favorite Seasonal Drinks Healthier!

‘Tis the season for peppermint mochas, chestnut pralines, and every other holiday drink that is oh-so-delicious but also oh-so-packed with sugar. But just because these traditional drinks aren’t the best for you, doesn’t mean there aren’t still ways to enjoy them. Here are three guilt-free ways to get your seasonal drink fix!

  • Ask For Half The Sugar: One of the easiest ways to make your favorite seasonal drinks a little healthier is to ask for half sugar. Some drinks can contain up to six pumps of sweetener and most of the time they taste just as good (if not better) with a little less. 
  • Get Creative: There are so many blogs and Instagram accounts out there sharing healthier alternatives to all of our favorite unhealthy drinks. We love The Macro Barista because he is always sharing new recipes that pack just as much flavor and deliciousness as the full sugar versions. Have a drink you love and want to find a healthy alternative? Search it on Pinterest and you will almost always find a way to make it a little healthier without compromising the taste! 
  • Order a smaller size: Some days we just want a full sugar beverage topped with whip cream and there is nothing wrong with that! Treat yourself! But while ordering a Venti peppermint mocha with whipped cream always seems like a good idea at the time, we always like to opt for the smallest size because it will usually satisfy the craving the same way as the large, with a lot less sugar and calories. 

No matter how you are enjoying your seasonal beverages, don’t forget to add your Collagen For Her! #shamelessplug 

Happy Holidays!

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