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Collagen For Her

Why Collagen For Her?

Why Collagen For Her?

Supplements can be overwhelming. There are so many different types, brands, and options out there that it can be confusing, intimidating, and hard to find one that works for you. We felt like that too, which is why we decided to start our own supplement company that would do things differently than the others. So what makes Collagen For Her different than other supplements and supplement companies? We are so glad you asked! 

  • Taste & Dissolvability: Collagen so good, you can’t even taste it. We’ll let you in on a little secret: If your unflavored collagen has a taste, you are buying the wrong collagen! When we say flavorless and tasteless, we mean flavorless and tasteless. Put it in just about anything and you won’t even know it’s there! No grittiness, no smell, no change in texture. On top of that, our unflavored collagen dissolves instantly in hot liquids and smoothies! No stirring and no gross white chunks. Want to see it in action? Check out the video here!
  • Trust & Transparency: All of our products are made with clean, simple, and pronounceable ingredients, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body! Unlike some other supplements, you don’t need a chemistry degree to decode our nutrition labels - because nobody has time for that! 
  • Responsibly Sourced, High Quality Products: Our collagen products are responsibly sourced and every batch comes with a certificate of analysis to ensure that it is safe for consumption. All of our products are manufactured and tested in a GMP certified facility in the United States. We take quality and sourcing very seriously and you should too! You should know what you are putting into your body. You should feel good about what you are putting in your body. You should trust the products you are putting in your body.
  • Women-Owned: We are women-owned and give a portion of proceeds to charities that empower women! Most dietary supplements “made for women” are quick fixes, fat burners, and diet pills that are made by companies run by men. A lot of times, us women are apprehensive about taking supplements (and we should be!) because we don’t know what’s in them. Supplements shouldn’t be scary or intimidating. That is why we are on a mission to make sure they never will be again! 

Being a woman is hard enough. Taking supplements shouldn’t be! That is why Collagen For Her, a line of collagen supplements that women could immediately identify as being for them. We have done all the research for you and created products that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life with recognizable ingredients that aren’t confusing, scary, or intimidating. 

To learn more about our products and which ones are best for you, click here! 

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