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Why We Love Collagen: Joints!

Why We Love Collagen: Joints!

Did you know that 90% of bone mass is made up of collagen? When there is a lack of collagen in the body, health issues such as joint pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis can occur, so it makes sense that one benefit of collagen that we are constantly hearing positive feedback on is joint pain, arthritis, and all those other aches and pains that tend to start popping up the older we get. Here is exactly WHY collagen helps with these issues!

As we have said before, the reason collagen has so many benefits is because of its unique amino acid profile. Collagen For Her contains 20 amino acids including eight essential amino acids, which is a much more robust profile than other types of proteins such as whey or pea. These are the essential amino acids that are particularly important for joints:

  • Histidine: One of the main benefits of histidine is its support on joint function, repair, and regeneration. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties help ease joint pain and stiffness. Histidine is a precursor to histamine production, which plays an important role in the transportation of oxygen between cells.
  • Isoleucine: This amino acid is best known for its ability to help heal and repair muscle tissue after strenuous activity, which is especially important for athletes, bodybuilders, and workout enthusiasts.
  • Valine: Valine plays an important role in promoting normal growth, repairing tissues, regulating blood sugar, and providing the body with energy. It prevents the breakdown of muscle by providing extra glucose for energy!
  • Leucine: Leucine has an unmatched ability to facilitate muscle protein synthesis and maintain muscle mass. As an added bonus, it also can help control weight and cholesterol levels!

There are also a few non-essential amino acids that deserve honorable mention when talking about joint health. Arginine, Hydroxylysine, and Hydroxyproline are three non-essential amino acids that promote joint and tendon health, and play a major role in bone and connective tissue. While these amino acids are not considered “essential”, we must remember that this only means that our body has somewhat of an ability to synthesize them, however, they are still very important to our overall health and we need to make sure we are getting enough of them!

Don’t want to take our word for it? Here is what some of our customers are saying:

“I have had arthritis in both hands and it has been hard to grip with limited strength and chronic pain. I started taking Collagen For Her to increase my protein intake but after a few weeks, I noticed my hands stopped hurting. Pins and needles are gone! I am able to grip a golf club and have started to play again. Quite unexpected but thrilled!!!!” – Linda C.
“I have experienced knee pain on and off for about a year. I went to see a doctor multiple times and tried everything they recommended but the pain still came back every time I ran. I started taking Collagen For Her as a final attempt and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been taking it every day for four months and it has made all the difference! The change didn’t happen overnight but I’m so glad I was patient and stuck with collagen. I can finally run again and I’ve never been happier!” – Kaitlyn
“I realized last week I can't remember the last time I felt my knees, ankles or back pop, when previously they would do so about 3x a day.” – Lauren T.
“My hair and nails are much healthier and I don’t feel as stiff in my joints when I wake up in the mornings!” – Margaret R.

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Improved joint pain and bone health is only one of the many ways that collagen helps women feel their best! Collagen also helps with hair, skin, nails, digestion, metabolism, gut health, and so much more! Don’t worry we will get into all of it so stay tuned for more additions to our “Why We Love Collagen” Series!

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