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Seven Benefits of Probiotics!

Seven Benefits of Probiotics!

Our Healthy Gut Probiotics contain four high potency strains of probiotics that are critical for healthy digestion but what does that really mean? We're so glad you asked! There are so many benefits and taking a daily probiotic can help: 

  1. Relieve bloating, gas, or a disruption in your daily bowel habits
  2. Restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut 
  3. Maintain the integrity of the intestinal lining & cell lining of our digestive tracts
  4. Support a healthy immune system
  5. Manage inflammation in the gut
  6. Support proper intestinal motility (the process by which food travel through the digestive tract)
  7. Easily absorbed by the body - the technology used in our probiotics creates a protective layer around the capsule to ensure beneficial probiotics are not destroyed by acids in the gut

The main job of probiotics is to maintain a healthy balance in your body. When we are healthy, our bodies are in a neutral state and the number of good and bad bacteria is in balance. Good bacteria are essential for many bodily functions, including healthy digestion, but common issues such as diet, travel and stress can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in your digestive system. Taking a daily probiotic supplement that fortifies your gut with good bacteria can help maintain digestive balance.*

If you struggle with bloating, inflammation, irregularity (💩), or just want a little extra digestive support, look no further than our Healthy Gut Probiotics! Pick them up here

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