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Eight Things You Need To Know About Matcha!

Eight Things You Need To Know About Matcha!

We’re sure you have seen matcha popping up just about everywhere. Matcha is starting to pop up in Starbucks and other coffee shops, food products such as protein bars and cookies, and even skincare. Not to mention, Collagen For Her organic matcha collagen ;) So what makes this green tea powder so special? Here are eight things you need to know about matcha!

  1. Matcha in Japanese means ground tea! Matcha is created by grinding up green tea leaves and most commonly consumed by dissolving in hot water.
  2. When drinking matcha, you are consuming the entire tea leaf, so it is a much more potent source of nutrients than traditional brewed green tea. You would need to drink 10 cups of brewed green tea to get the same amount of nutrients as one cup of matcha!
  3. Matcha powder has less caffeine than coffee but provides sustained energy for 4-6 hours vs. a few hours with coffee. This is because the type of caffeine in matcha powder gives you a more sustainable release of energy throughout your day.
  4. Matcha has 137 times the antioxidants as brewed green tea and it is one of the most powerful superfoods. Other common superfoods we hear about are goji berries, acai berries, pomegranate, spinach, pecans, walnuts, blueberries, dark chocolate, and broccoli. To give you an idea, one serving of matcha has more antioxidants than one serving of all of those superfoods combined! Matcha is one powerful powder!
  5. Matcha contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which can help decrease stress and anxiety, improve quality of sleep, and improve focus and concentration. Thanks to L-theanine, matcha can help put you in a calm, alert, happy state-of-mind within 15-30 minutes and promotes a state of relaxation and well-being without feeling sedated. L-theanine has also been at the center of studies involving using it as a form of anxiety medication because it's relaxing properties are that strong!
  6. Matcha originated in China and was once praised by Chinese emperors for its medicinal properties. It was brought over to Japan in 1191 by a Zen-Buddhist Monk and was consumed by monks before meditation to induce a state of focused-relaxation.
  7. Matcha is a natural detoxifier and substantially richer in chlorophyll than other green teas. Chlorophyll is what gives green tea and other plants their green color and contains many vitamins, antioxidants, and therapeutic properties that can benefit your body.
  8. Matcha naturally contains a compound called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which has been shown to boost metabolism and stop the growth of fat cells. Regular green tea also contains EGCG, but matcha contains three times as much!

Matcha is quickly becoming the most popular superfood and as you can see, it is for a good reason! We’ve combined our unflavored grass fed pasture raised collagen peptides with organic Japanese matcha to bring you the ultimate body-loving blend! You will get all of the benefits of matcha in addition to the benefits of collagen in just one scoop, so getting your daily dose of matcha and collagen has never been easier!


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