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How to Make Dunkin’s Oat Milk Latte at Home!

How to Make Dunkin’s Oat Milk Latte at Home!

If you haven’t jumped on the oat milk train yet, buckle up, because today we are dishing on how to make Dunkin’s Oat Milk Latte at home! We realized we were buying these $5 lattes way too often and after doing some digging, they are super easy to replicate at home!

We also love these oat milk lattes because they are one of the lighter options on the menu coming in at 90 calories and only 4g of sugar. Plus as an added bonus, you can add your Collagen For Her if you make it at home - it’s a win win! Here’s how to make it! 



  • Pour one cup of oat milk into a glass with ice. 
  • In a separate glass, brew one shot of espresso and add one scoop of Collagen For Her to the hot espresso and stir to dissolve.
  • Pour the espresso + collagen into the cup of oat milk, stir, and enjoy! 

If you have a hard time finding oat milk or don’t love it as much as we do, you can substitute the oat milk for almond milk, coconut milk, regular milk, or any other milk of choice! But trust us, give oat milk a try if you haven’t already! It is so rich and creamy that it makes this healthy drink feel like a treat.

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Oct 28, 2021 • Posted by Ramona Puckett

This sounds really good and I will definitely make it! Thank you!

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