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What is The Best Time of Day to Take Collagen?

What is The Best Time of Day to Take Collagen?

We frequently get asked if there is a best time of day to take Collagen For Her. The short answer is no, there is no wrong time to take Collagen For Her! For us, we feel like the best time is the easiest time, which is why we have multiple ways to get your daily collagen. Our goal is to have a little something for everyone, so here are some of our favorite ways to take collagen at all times of the day! 

Morning: Probably the most common way to take collagen is in your morning cup of coffee! Add one scoop of our unflavored collagen peptides to your morning cup of coffee for 10g of protein and 11g of collagen. It is flavorless and tasteless so you won’t even know it is there! Not a coffee drinker? We also love adding a scoop to our morning smoothies or even overnight oats!

Afternoon: Looking for a midday pick-me-up that won’t cause you to crash? Grab an organic matcha collagen latte. You can enjoy this one hot or iced depending on the time of year or the mood you are in. Not a matcha fan? Toss a scoop of Collagen For Her Lemon Water into your bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. The subtle but refreshing lemon flavor is a great way to make your water a little more fun.

Evening: Especially if you are someone who works out at night, it is important to stay hydrated before you go to bed. Collagen For Her Lemon Water is perfect to add to a glass of water to get 8g of protein,  9g of collagen, 100% daily Vitamin C, and electrolytes for hydration! Prefer to wind down at the end of the night with a cup of hot tea? Try adding a scoop of our unflavored Collagen For Her!

As women, we are all busy, have crazy schedules, and the last thing we need is to have to remember one more thing like to take a supplement! This is why we try to create products that not only make getting your daily dose of collagen easy but fun and delicious, so it is something you look forward to everyday rather than yet another thing you need to remember to do.

What is your favorite way to use Collagen For Her? Let us know!

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