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3 Ways to Prevent Post-Meal Bloating

3 Ways to Prevent Post-Meal Bloating
We all know the feeling. You finish a delicious meal (sometimes healthy, sometimes not) and you immediately feel like you need to unbutton your pants. Even after you change into sweats, your stomach just feels... uncomfortable. You aren’t alone! Here are three ways to help banish that post-meal bloat! 
  1. Eat Slower
    This can be a tough one because when we are presented with a delicious meal or we are overly hungry, it can be easy to scarf down an entire plate of food rather quickly - guilty! A common cause of bloating is excess air in the stomach; when we swallow food quickly it can introduce air into the digestive tract and in turn, cause us to feel bloated.
  2. Beware of Beverages 
    Another common culprit of bloating is carbonated drinks. The carbon dioxide that makes soda and similar beverages fizzy is also a gas that can build up in the stomach, causing you to feel bubbling and bloating. Carbonated drinks can also contain sugar alcohols, which are also known to cause bloating, so double check your labels to ensure you aren’t unintentionally consuming drinks that may be causing you to feel bloated. 
  3. Take a Daily Probiotic
    If you are someone who frequently experiences this uncomfortable bloating, a daily probiotic can help alleviate some of the discomfort. Bloating is caused by an imbalance of good-to-bad bacteria in your gut, so occasional gas, bloating, or a disruption in your daily bowel habits are all common signs of an unbalanced gut microbiome. Our digestive tracts contain over 500 bacterial species that work together to aid in digestion but when the balance of these bacteria is disrupted that is when we can experience digestive issues.

    Our Healthy Gut Probiotics contain four high potency strains designed to help rebalance the ratio of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your digestive tract, which in turn can help prevent bloating and other digestive discomfort.*

These are three easy ways you can help prevent that post-meal bloating feeling! If you are looking for a probiotic that contains strains that are critical for a healthy digestion, check out our new Healthy Gut Probiotics here

*If bloating becomes severe, we always recommend checking in with your doctor as discomfort can also be caused by food allergies and other intolerances best addressed by a medical professional. 




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